Realise your dream, your ambition! Create movement from Insight Out!

Every change starts with an ambition, a vision, a dream!

What is yours? What would your team or organisation look like once you have achieved this? Which impact will you make? On customers, employees, suppliers, the world?

Which potential in your organisation, in your processes, in your people is not fully used? Can you imagine what would be possible if you would be able to tap into that…?

Do you believe that everybody makes a difference? That we can find better solutions when we involve, inspire and energise and enable the people we work with? Do you see that there is room for improvement here?

Triggered by these questions? Then it is time to move! Together!

I use Continuous Improvement, Lean Six Sigma, Change Management and different coaching techniques (individual and team) to:

Unleash potential by connecting people and processes

Teams and organisations can improve their performance when they connect data-driven insights in their processes with hands-on insights of their people. We help you create this connection sustainably, stimulating collaboration and learning, solving problems structurally on the way.

Thrive in an ever-changing "VUCA" world

Our world changes rapidly and has become increasingly complex. We help you navigate this unclear territory to reach your desired goal via incremental steps, using facts & data and detailed process knowledge straight from the employees involving the entire organization.

Create processes in scale-ups for further growth

Fast growth requires improvisation and high speed learning. We help you capture the learnings in your processes and structures by embedding the successful steps and eliminating the wasteful steps. Paving the path for further growth while keeping the passion in your team alive!

Moving Insight Out challenges you to connect head and heart

For all these challenges, I use an holistic and hands-on approach, tailored to your needs and situation. Connecting processes, performance and behaviour.

In every step, I challenge you and your team… to use and connect heads (thinking, analysing, planning) and hearts/bodies (creating, visualising, moving).

  • We co-create Insight in your team’s shared ambition and bring it to live: feel it, see it, smell it, measure it… The journey starts here!
  • We create and connect Insight in processes, performance and behaviour: let the facts speak for themselves… And see the road ahead!
  • We go Out to create movement, optimise processes, build skills, obtain results in alignment with the ambition… The engine of continuous improvement & learning is ON!
  • Enabling YOU to release your team’s potential: coaching team dynamics, leadership development and pulse check the ambition… Let the impact come Out!

Realising ambitions! Sustainable change from Insight Out!