Making impact = having an effect or influence on results and people

In the end, it is all about delivering value to our customers, creating a sustainable performance in the organisation and being a good employer.

In the past 18 years, I have contributed significantly to the ambitions of the teams and organisations I worked with.

Type of impact

  1. Customer satisfaction: OTIF, leadtimes, complaints, questions
  2. Finance: direct EBITDA impact through reducing yield-losses, energy costs, right-sizing inventory; cashflow impact by improving invoice process, inventory management
  3. Internal processes: production safety, production capacity, quality, flexibility and efficiency (OEE), speed of product development, energy consumption
  4. Organisational capacity: employee engagement, collaboration within and between teams, fact-based problem solving skills, learning through experiments


Impacting results and people in EU, USA and greater China through local presence and remote coaching

Worldwide impact

Impacting customer satisfaction, capacity, speed and cost... Impacting numbers

... Impacting innovation, collaboration, energy and trust: Impacting people!


Multi-national/regional organisations in food, chemicals, automotive, logistics and utilities

Types of projects

Realising ambitions: from strategic business growth to cost reduction, from ERP implementation to cultural transformation. Some examples: