Use the Power of your Energy!

Whatever you want to achieve in life, your energy is critical!

Let me first explain why I decided to start writing about the power of energy. I typically have a high level of energy, both in work, in social life and in sports. As you can imagine, I enjoy it very much.

However, in November 2018 I had an accident playing field hockey. A ball hit my head, so hard that I had to go to the hospital and next to closing a large wound, I got diagnosed with 3 skull fractures and a concussion. The wound and the skull fractures healed within a few weeks. The concussion however took 9 months to recover from. Nine months of living with an energy level (much) lower than what I was used to. It led me to reflect on energy and to learn by doing. I learned to choose consciously for activities that give me energy and avoid activities that cost me energy. It led me to decide more carefully which social activities I would attend and which not, to drink less alcohol, to go home earlier and I learned how to prevent wasting energy by wanting to please everyone around me. It also led me to quit my job, because I was not aligned with my values and my purpose anymore.

All in all, a very impactful accident. From the first day on I decided to assume ‘it happens for a reason’ which prevented me from feeling bad about it and it allowed me to take the learnings from it. Making choices benefitting my own energy level and well-being was something I needed to learn anyway… Unfortunately it took a painful accident to learn this, but I am nonetheless very grateful it happened. Life-changing!

Body Mind Alignment

I decided to investigate the power of energy further and write it down, to deepen the learning for myself and maybe you can benefit from it as well!

What I imagined would be one article, ended up being a series of articles to keep it readable. The articles describe my experiences on how we can generate energy and maintain energy in order to feel good and be able to perform/achieve/add value and live our full potential.

In my view, energy exists in many forms, so I decided to categorise the articles into three themes:

Body Mind Alignment