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I recently wrote an article about the power of the energy that comes from aligning with our values and purpose. The habit I liked the most is to experience what gives me energy and to calibrate how it makes me feel. I decided to follow that flow, to align with my own energy, believing it would lead me to the right place. A place where I would have the freedom to be me and where I would be able to continue to grow

And then… I jumped (and yes, that was scary!)… and started my own company, Insight Out Advice.

The Insight Out Journey...

Believe it or not, but I already came up with the name Insight Out 5 years ago!
Insight: I am a strong believer of the (hidden) potential in people and organisations. And in my experience applying Continuous Improvement practices and leadership can tap into that potential.
Out: It is my dream and ambition to unleash that (hidden) potential. By connecting people to each other, connecting people to purpose, connecting processes, data and observations and by helping people to connect to themselves.

So yes, it took me 5 years to take my own Insight Out… 5 years in which I gained experience as a leader and people manager, increased my knowledge of supply chain and operations and especially became confident about the impact I make by applying my both my skills and my personality, my head and my heart.

... generates energy and growth

When I reflect on how I feel and what is present right now, I clearly feel a lot of energy and growth.

Energy from the excitement of starting something new, creating something that fully resonates with who I am and what I dream of, energy from following new paths and exploring new parts of me. Energy from making time to connect with people I have worked or studied with – inspirational to hear where they are now! Energy from learning! Who would have thought I could design and build my own website?!

And last but not least, energy from getting new insights about myself. I am much more versatile than I thought I was: I love both people and analyses, I know about strategy and day-to-day business, I am both extrovert and introvert. I connect seemingly separate worlds!

I offer my support, skills and energy...

… to those that want to start or make the next step in Continuous Improvement;
… to those looking for new routines to work in ‘the new normal’, in an uncertain environment;
… to those needing more structured processes after a period of fast growth;
… to those that have a dream, an ambition and that want to unleash potential!


I am available to work with you as an interim or project manager in continuous improvement, or as a sparring partner and coach. I am open to challenges in all sectors and geographies, for just a few days or for several months.
I would love to hear from you! Let’s connect! Let’s build together, inspire each other and surprise each other. You never know what it will lead to!
Benefit from Insight Out Advice!

Dimphy Beaujean

Kind regards and take good care,

Dimphy Beaujean
Aligning energy and processes, realising ambitions

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